Adult Program




Thursday 10-11 am

Taught by Kasey Stephan
Someone once asked the famous ballerina, Anna Pavlova, how she got so great. She said “plies, tendus, repeat”. She spoke Russian, so I am probably paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

And so we begin at the beginning. We will get to share in the beauty and grace of ballet, training our muscles and minds in the basics. Each week building on our ballet vocabulary working our way from barre work to the centre work and finally to ballet enchainments.

This class is suitable for beginners and dancers who may feel ballet is new again for them.

What you’ll get:
Low impact.
Low-Medium cardio
Good core and posture work
Great toning
Great balance work
How you will feel:
Graceful, focused, and happy knowing you are finally tapping into an ancient art form.

$20 drop in rate
$100 for the 6 week course
Or Combine with other classes for further discounts.



Adult Beginner Jazz

* Please email us if you would like to be contacted for the next session.

You know you have always wanted to! Jazz is every child’s favourite dance style and it will be yours too – because it it so much FUN!
Jazz is danced to Top 40 music from the past and present.
We will do a 20-25 minute warmup including work on flexibility, cardio, and toning. Next we will work on increasing our jazz step repertoire with progressions across the floor, and finally working on combining the steps into fun combinations at the end of each class.

This class is suitable for beginners or those returning to dance after a long sabbatical. Because dance is not like riding a bike. In fact riding a bike is not that easy to return to either…
What you’ll get:
Medium-high Impact
Medium-high cardio
Great core work
How you will feel:
Fun, pumped up!



Tuesday 1:30-2:30 pm  

Taught by Christina Merrick.  A great chance to play with rhythms, move your feet, and get a little cardio exercise. We will have you hoofin’ in no time!

What you’ll get: 

Low-Medium Impact

Low – Medium cardio

Great musical timing

How you will feel: 



Like Gregory Hines 😉 

$20 Drop in rate or $100 for 6 week session



Available for bookings! Please email us if you would like to be contacted for the next session.
Taught by Kasey Stephan and Serge Charlebois
This class is designed for two but don’t let that discourage you if you are a solo, we will partner you up when you get here.
In this class we will start with a short 5 minute warm up an then we will get right into learning and practising partner’s swing dance. We will start with the basic step and then build on progressions when we are ready. We may move at different paces within the class so not to worry if you have two left feet, we can work with that.

Once we get the ‘swing’ of things, this class will feel much more free form and should have the feel of a swing club! Bootlegged drinks not included but also not discouraged 🙂

This class is suitable for beginners and experts alike
What you will get:
Medium-high impact
Medium-high Cardio
Awesome dance moves to whip out at weddings
How you will feel:
Like you’ve got mad skills on the dance floor

$25 Single class rate

$40 Couple class rate

$75 Single 4 class pass

$125 Couple 4 class pass